Adam Lambert Inteview…

adam lambert1 Adam Lambert Inteview...

He will be at Mandalay Bay Beach tomorrow night and this morning he was on with Mark and Mercedes.  Click the MORE button to listen to the interview:

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  • Christine (Tinydolly)

    Thank you for having Adam on this morning. Maybe next time he is in town and stays longer it would be amazing to have him do the mix underground lounge. Can’t wait to hear Mix play IIHY! Mercedes, I will help you shovel that sand… I can bring the glitter :)

  • Nicole

    Ditto to everything Christine said! I would kill to see Adam at the Underground Lounge. Please do play If I Had You, it’s an amazing song and if you guys get a chance to go to the concert tomorrow night, be ready for an amazing show!!

  • Rocker_Girl

    Thank you for posting the interview here on the web… I missed it live stream! He is so much fun to listen to! Wish I could be in Vegas for the show. But at least I got to see him in San Fran and Lincoln:-)

    Have fun everyone that gets to go, and if you haven’t seen the show get at ticket if you can…

  • Beauty

    Sand on stage? That could be dangerous! Even with deep, sinking sand. Don’t know what the dancers think about that or how they’ll be able to do their jobs with that added prop. I’m sure sand may be a hazard for certain musical equipment too. Last time I was in Vegas, the winds picked up quite a bit at night, so don’t know how Adam will be able to sing with possible flying sand either. Oh well… Regardless, it will be a GREAT show!

  • Larry Pringle

    Have Adam on more often if possible, you made my wife’s day.

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  • Lock

    Love your interview. I am so happy to hear Adam’s voice on the radio. I missed your interview and am so glad you posted here. Believe me, this Vegas vergin is going to kill the stage. He is, IMHO, one of the very few best live performers. He is not just a great singer. He is such a wonderful caring and sweet person. Thank you so much for this great interview.

    BTW, love the picture you put on here. It’s my favorite Elvis looking picture. He is so handsome and gorgeous!

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  • Joanne

    Thanks for a fun interview! I love this man and miss seeing him perform. I got to see a few of his earlier concerts, flying from South Africa, but now need to see more. Somehow or other, will need something of a miracle lol

  • JLM

    Adam so rocks!!! I love his GlamNation tour; it is just fantastic and this man’s voice is just beyond words!! Thank you for the interview and please keep playing Adam’s music!!!

  • Linda

    Great interview thanks!

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