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Who Will Be Crowned The Sexiest Man Of Mix!?

It’s been an incredible month of voting! Over 1.4 million votes from around the world were cast, and at the end a winner was crowned! That winner? [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]David Cook[/lastfm]! The same fella that had the net buzzing after his Adele cover at Mix 94.1’s Pet-A-Palooza is now the King of Sexy-land! Until next year…when we do it all over again!


Adam Lambert 30% vs David Cook 70% – 460,499 votes

Visit the top of the Mix 94.1 Home Page to see today’s match-up and come back to this page for updates!



Division One Finale – Unlimited Voting from Monday 7/25 at 5P through Wednesday 7/27 at 4P
Adam Lambert 72%
vs Rob Thomas 28% – 76,821 votes

Division Two Finale – Unlimited Voting from Wednesday 7/27 at 5P through Friday 7/29 at 4P
Jackson Rathbone 30% vs David Cook 70% – 287,300 votes



Division One- Winners Face Off Monday 5p – Wednesday 4p
Adam Lambert 76%
vs 30 STM’s Jared Leto 24% – 90,281 votes
Gavin DeGraw 18% vs Rob Thomas 82% – 5,432 votes

Division Two – Winners Face Off Wednesday 5p – Friday 4p
100 Monkey’s Jackson Rathbone 96%
vs Bruno Mars 4% – 96,427 votes
Pat Monahan 13% vs David Cook 87% – 93,310 votes



Division One
Adam Lambert 95%
vs John Mayer 5% – 43,734 votes
Gavin DeGraw 59% vs Andy Grammer 41% – 1,931 votes
Brandon Flowers 20% vs Jared Leto 80% – 5,934 votes
Rob Thomas 78% vs Chris Daughtry 22% – 7,283 votes

Division Two
Adam Levine 14% vs Pat Monahan 86% – 2,713 votes
Lenny Kravitz 33% vs Bruno Mars 67% – 1,429 votes
Kris Allen 41% vs Jackson Rathbone 59% – 116,156 votes
David Cook 94% vs Ryan Star 6% – 44,208 votes


One Comment

  1. CharliDenae says:

    Jackson is the sexiest… no question. :o)

    1. Jenny says:

      Adam Lambert is SEX ON FIRE!!!!!

    2. Natty says:

      I second that, wholeheartedly!

    3. Akyria says:

      Hands down Jackson!

    4. sahsouha1 says:

      No One beats Kris Allen..He’s is the Sexiest..& Most adorable man on the face of Earth! Sorry Peeps!

      1. Candela says:

        Kris Allen? If you like men the size of Smurfs with the face of Fred Flintstone.

      1. Keep your eyes locked to this page for voting in the Top 8. Also, our Twitter (@Mix941) is extremely active in tweeting out links for voting 🙂

    5. Whoo hoo!!! Over 116,000 votes!!! I stand by my first statement… Jackson is the sexiest!!!

  2. SG says:

    All the other stars are amazing..But for me no one comes close to Kris Allen .. He’s the sexiest & most talented without competition.

    1. Bella says:

      ILU – Kris Allen is so sexy

    2. LK says:

      I soooooo agree!

    3. glamity58 says:

      You can’t be serious. He has no expression or animation when he performs. He is an average singer at best. Lambert rules!

      1. Traci L says:


      2. LK says:

        My opinion is the polar opposite of yours, glamity58. lol Oh well. Takes all kinds. (and we can all be classy about it….)

      3. kim says:

        Fanatic Glamberts on the prowl. Adam Lambert is gross and can’t sing! Who cares if he’s gay? People are jumping blindly on this bandwagon.

      4. amy says:

        I am with you!!

      5. redheadkelly says:

        OH WOW!
        Are you people blind and deaf?! Adam Lambert is the sexiest man alive. He’s never afraid to show his sensual and seductive side – that makes him SOOOO attractive. And do I even need to mention his amazing voice, charm, talant, kindness… His smile is the only thing needed to beat all competitors

      6. Debbie M says:

        i agree

  3. Hebe says:

    Adam Lambert a man? please! He can’t win!

    1. RandomMedley says:

      Hebe, you, a human being? Not likely. Adam is sexy to many women whether you can handle it or not.He gets my vote.

    2. Thet Su says:

      Adam Lambert for sure! He is already the winner in our hearts! 🙂

    3. Janelle says:

      LOL! That was exactly my thought.

    4. Tracy J. says:

      no doubt!

    5. Jean says:

      You Hebe are an Bitch!! He’s won an awful lot of polls as Sexiest Man! Get over that H8 of yours not very attractive! Adam is the most talented in any competition & by far no MAN comes ever close to his sexiness!

      1. Iska B. Bell says:

        Hey…Hebe is allowed to have an opinion. You think Adam is sexy. Some others think he’s gross.

      2. CTRY says:

        he’s gross!!! any other man on the list should win but him!!!

    6. Sharon says:

      Homophobic remark what a lame excuse for a human being you are. So sad…

    7. Lisa says:

      I thought Adam Lambert was running for sexiest female LOL

      1. smallblueangel says:

        you are disgustic and homophobe

    8. Yeeeeah! says:

      Adam’s the sexiest by far! He’s an uber-sexy alpha male who’s in complete charge of his masculinity. So what if he’s gay? There are a lot of gay men who are far sexier than straight men. What makes him so appealing? Well,besides his incredible talent and good looks,he wears his pants above his butt,limits the plaid in his wardrobe,practices impeccable grooming,is polite,smart,can engage in a real conversation — yes,he can string along more than two or three words……..should I go on??

      The list has some contenders….but no one comes close to Adam’s sexiness,imo!!

      1. redheadkelly says:

        *thumbs up*

      2. enough already says:

        Um-Adam isn’t on this current poll. Please leave him out til he’s in. It’s Kris vs Jackson.

    9. Eriskay says:

      I agree with Jean! Adam is more sexy than the whole lot of them put together!

    10. Mal says:

      I agree–it is time that people (uneducated obviously) stop with the homophobic jabs at one of the nicest guys in showbiz.
      What is wrong with you people (Hebe for example). Get some class and stop acting so ignorant–it is 2011.

    11. funbunn40 says:

      Adam is most definitely a man. Watch his last appearance on The Talk! He aslo can take care of himself and is protective and stands up for his friends and family if they are mistreated in any way. He’s a genuinely nice guy that has the repect of many. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He’s every inch a man!

    12. JLM says:

      Not only can he win, he was also on People Magazines sexiest list in 2010 and has been on the most beautiful lists as well. The man is HOT!! Gay doesn’t make you less gorgeous. Sexy is sexy!!

    13. glamity58 says:

      Why not? He’s such a great performer compared to the other duds who don’t have the range in their voices and can’t dance. It’s a different world. This old lady used to go for the cute guys behind guitars with no expression. Not any more after Adam.

    14. Andy says:

      Just wait and see !!

    15. Danielle says:

      you know some would say he’s more of man than most on this list

    16. malysa says:

      And yet Adam will always have the bigger balls, literally and figuratively, and many will vote for him, including me.

    17. Only his says:

      Геба, ну получше тебя во всяком случаи. Адам талантливый, красивый парень который добился всего сам, а те люди, которые его осуждают за ориентацию или ещё за что то, совсем не зная о нём нечего, тех уж точно людьми не назовёшь!

      1. Nisa Hill says:

        ♥ Yes I totally agree with ya Bananas4100monkeys, he is just Awesomesauce!!!! Jackson is the sexiest man alive, not to mention very talented!!!
        Most of these names I heard of and some I like, but there is only one that stands out for me and that is Jackson Rathbone!!!! All the Monkeys Junkies fans out there vote for our Monkey man!!!! ♥

    18. Mal says:

      Hebe–you know, it is 2011, your type of comments are over with.

  4. Bananas4100monkeys says:

    Vote for the amazing Jackson Rathbone!!!! Cmon ladies u can’t deny that he’s not gorgeous!

  5. Star says:

    Jackson Rathbone IS the SEXIEST Man on MIX!

    1. Natty says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
      Hey Star, how are you? 🙂

  6. Anne says:

    Not a doubt… ADAM LEVINE. Poll isn’t even needed.

    1. glamity58 says:

      Yuck to Levine. He’s not even that great a singer. He’s just average.

      1. Danielle says:

        I agree glamity58 he’s also rude. You dont slam other artists on national tv it’s just plain wrong

      2. Jessica says:

        You must be blind Adam Levine is HOT!

      3. Jessica says:

        when did he slam other artist?

      4. debbie says:

        I agree glamity58 Lenine is okay but has the personality of a wet noodle, and with his attitude he isn’t sexy…

    2. Jessica says:

      I agree ADAM LEVINE!

    3. Pat says:

      Adam Levine is skinny and sounds like a woman

      1. Jessica says:

        @Pat so what if he’s skinny at least he ain’t FAT! And he said before he doesn’t like how he sounds like a woman but it’s not his faught. And I still don’t know what other artist he slammed? And to @debbie He is very SEXY!

      2. charlene says:

        and they suck in concert. seen them open for matchbbox 20 and it was horrible. Rob Tomas is soooooooooooo hot and very friendly in person.

      3. Jessica says:

        @charlene I watched live videos of them and they definatly do not SUCK so shut up and vote 4 Rob tomas (whoever that is)

      4. Anne says:

        Yuck back at you! Who are you to even be talking? Adam Levine is just REAL. He doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. He says what he wants to say and he shows who he really is. How’s that for sexy?

      5. Jessica says:

        @anne Thank u, Finaly someone else who thinks Adam Levine is Sexy! (:

  7. MonkeyTroopViv says:

    Hands down Jackson Rathbone!!! I love me some Adam Lambert but Jackson has the most mesmerizing green eyes…they melt butter…then you add his sexy messy rocker look…YUM!! NOT to mention the man can play just about any instrument…he never leaves home without his harmonica & guitar…NEVER!! On stage he plays at least 5 instruments in ONE SHOW!!! NOBODY else on this list does that…he is a Renaissance man when it comes to the arts 😀

    1. Jackson Rathbone4EVER says:

      @MonkeyTroopViv: u NAILED EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!! He is an AMAZING SINGER AND PERFECT ACTOR!!!!!!! I love him BEST in Eclipse ❤ ❤ HE BETTER WIN SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Those eyes ARE mesmerizing, aren't they??? mmm he's DE-LI-CIOUS!!!!!

      1. Malle says:

        i love you 2 😀 jackson is hands down the hottest and most talented in this list, and if you look on the count of votes or on his last percents (94%!!!!!!!!!!!) you know who’ll win 😀

  8. Janet says:

    Oh come on, Flowers and Leto, no comparison! Flowers is the sexiest of all the list anyway!

  9. Iska B. Bell says:

    Not a fan of Lambert or Mayer…but Mayer has it hands down.

  10. MC says:

    Jackson Rathbone is by far the the sexiest. Southern charm, tight jeans, a voice that sounds like the offspring of Jesus and Jim Morrison, and that crooked smile–what more could you ask for!?

    But I think someone more popular like Adam Levine might take the win.

  11. Anna says:

    uhh David Cook should have this in the bag. sexy, smart, hilarious.. he seriously embodies it all. 🙂

  12. Tracy J. says:

    Jackson Rathbone is def. the best on the list.. and hes a decent polite guy!

  13. lah says:

    Adam Lambert – definitely!

  14. Estella says:

    There’s nobody more sexy than Jackson!!!

    1. dani says:

      i agree completely!!!!!!!!

    2. Bett says:

      Estella, I couldn’t have said it any better 🙂

    3. Heather says:

      Jackson IS the sexiest man EVER!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Debbie says:

    There is no one sexier then David Cook!!!!

    1. Marilyn says:

      David Cook all the way!!!

  16. Jill says:

    Hands down, Chris Daughtry 😉 He blows em all away! Sexiest man alive. Period.

    1. Jill says:

      and the sexiest voice too! 😉

    2. charlene says:

      ,chris and rob are my two faves but rob fan since 93, sorry chris I love him to.

    3. Gina says:

      I agree.Chris Daughtry does blow them all away.I mean way away.

  17. Tina says:

    Hands down the winner will be none other than Jackson Rathbone!!

    Yes I’m that confident…

    1. Cindy says:

      I agree Tina!

    2. Jaime says:

      Oh yeah!!!

  18. Cassondra says:

    David Cook has great looks,great heart,and AMAZING voice and ALL that makes him the sexiest man of the mix ..HANDS-DOWN!!

    1. Mary-ellen says:

      I totally agree! AMEN! ‘Nuff said

  19. Cindy says:

    Just saw 100 Monkeys in concert… WOW! Jackson Rathbone is definitely the sexiest man of mix… and the most talented!

  20. Sharon says:

    Adam Lambert is the sexiest man alive today in the music business. If you like someone better than vote for him you don’t have to trash other people on this list.

  21. Sage says:

    Adam Lambert is the most gorgeous, talented man out there. ♥

    1. leigh says:

      Adam Lambert is a great singer but sexiest Man?? Adam Lambert IS NOT A MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. redheadkelly says:

        check glambulge. And he can use it much better then anyone on the list above >:-)

      2. Mal says:

        Leigh what a shame that you have to resort to a nasty comment to prove your point. Have you been educated because people with education don’t talk that way anymore in our society. We have moved on from homophobic snarky remarks.
        So grow up, go back to school, and become a mature individual who can express an opinion without resorting to such mean spiritedness.

  22. Pat says:

    Even reading some of these names on here is enough to scare me away from even picking my favorite.

  23. Amanda says:

    Jackson Rathbone for sure. Have you SEEN his smile?!

  24. yami says:

    jackson rathboneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. nancy says:

    David Cook by far

  26. charlene says:

    have you people not seen Rob Thomas??!!

  27. Andie says:

    Kris Allen is the sexiest man alive! He’s hotter than all those guys… very cute

  28. Andie says:

    Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are both really sexy actually… hottest top 2 in idol ever!

  29. S1ngPianoGuitar says:


    1. Kradam Rocks!! says:

      All are really sexy guys.. All of them could be the winner IF Kradam wasn’t included! Now they have no chance..
      C’mon, like it or not, you can deny it.. It must either be Kris or Adam!! 😉

  30. whoami says:

    You need to add Clay Aiken to this poll.

    1. We haven’t played a Clay Aiken song in years. 😦 Sorry!

    2. Eriskay says:


      1. Eriskay says:

        I mean, why would you want to add Clay Aiken??

  31. Chelsea says:

    Jackson is the sexiest man ALIVE! he’s very talented too! he’s so perfect! 😀

    1. Heather says:

      I agree!!!!

  32. Gina says:

    Are you kidding…DAVID COOK…no DOUBT!!!

  33. Megan ( who really loves JR) says:

    Jackson is THE sexiest men alive! he is sexy and good actor#singer. He has a beautiful smile and eyes. he’s funny. he can take beautiful picture and he is SEXY 🙂 Need more reason to choose him? 😛

  34. Alice says:

    Adam Lambert will win this poll as he has scores of others. He is a force to be reckoned with, as is his army of supporters.

  35. Michelle says:

    I think the sexiest is most definitely Adam Levine of Maroon 5! Oh..and extremely talented. Hot Hot Hot

    1. Jessica says:

      #TEAMADAM ❤

  36. L says:

    Well I have always been a huge Rathbone and fan and he seems nicer then Leto, but sorry… Leto’s eyes and sweet acting chops do it for me. I think one of the lesser known artists will probably win because they are more likely to post this contest everywhere unlike the really famous ones who don’t care or know about this.

  37. Michele says:

    Are you kidding me….Gay, straight or bi…..Adam Lambert drips with platinum sexual charisma like no other!!!!!
    Much like Elvis in his day …only Adam’s the “2Oth Century Stud”!
    Move over all others…Adam the MAN!!!!

    1. Mary-ellen says:

      Just wondering, have you ever seen David Cook in concert? Speaking of dripping sexual charima!

  38. Vision says:

    Jackson Rathbone is absolutely the sexiest man! He is a terrific actor, a talented musician & the sweetest guy you ever want to meet! Beautiful inside and out…and that’s what makes a sexy man 🙂 Go Jackson!

  39. Kaleigh says:

    I definitely think David Cook should win this one!! Not only on the looks but, his personality! He is just so down to earth and real and that is so nice to see in a successful person like him 🙂 luv David cook!! ❤

  40. pattieann says:

    David Cook, Ryan Star, Kris Allen and Rob Thomas are all sexy favorites. I’m going to have to vote for David Cook, though. He definitely should take the prize!

  41. Josie says:

    Adam Lambert, hands down, no contest. Gorgeous voice, gorgeous face, gorgeous soul.

  42. J says:

    For flat out sex appeal, regardless of orientation, Lambert is it, no question. Great moves, great body, gorgeous, self-confident and uber talented. Not just cute. Stunning IMO.

  43. funbunn40 says:

    Adam lambert is the only entertainer I’ve known that appeals to all genders, ages, races with such intensity and sexual appeal! It’s not just his fantastic good looks but his electric connection to all that he meets.He’s smart, witty and caring . No one nicer or more generous in the entertainment business.He oozes sensuality! Thud!!

  44. Carol says:

    Adam Lambert has it all, talent, looks, and he owns the stage when he is performing! LOVE HIM!!!

  45. mimi says:

    Mmmm Kris Allen!

  46. Janine says:

    Who the hell is Kris Allen? Jackson Rathbone all the way!

  47. Caroline says:


  48. Hope says:

    Kris Allen is the Sexiest and Most talented Man EVER!!! He Definitely Should Take the Prize!!! ❤

  49. peggyt says:

    The sexiest man is Adam LAMBERT….FOR SURE..

  50. lian says:

    everybody’s moving down except for adam lambert. C’mon now, guys.

  51. tess4ADAM says:

    ADAM LAMBERT has already won this title at the poll a couple of months ago. Also at the poll a couple months ago. ADAM has the best VOICE in the music industry TODAY!!

    1. Cory says:

      We get it that you are going to have to really try hard to convince people, but would you quit your freaking yelling?!

  52. A-cee says:

    kris allen all the way! Have u seen his latest shirtless pics? Damn, he look hella fine.

  53. malysa says:

    Hmm, let’s see, The Sexiest? Adam Lambert, Rob Thomas and maybe Jared Leto & Chris Daughtry. But when it comes down to it I’ll vote for Adam Lambert every time 🙂 Some of the others are cute tho, like Kris Allen and Gavin Degraw.

  54. Jubells says:

    Adam LAMBERT is the sexiest MAN bar none!!

  55. Jessica says:

    This poll isn’t fair cuz I want to vote for Adam Levine, Jackson, Rathbone & Bruno Mars and U can only pick 1 ):

    1. Not true! You can vote multiple times 🙂 Just refresh.

  56. Jessica says:

    Please VOTE 4 Jackson!!!

    1. Heather says:

      Monkey Junkies gotta pull together and vote for our man!

  57. laura says:

    uhh… KRIS ALLEN DUH! he’s the freaking sexiest thing on EARTH!!!!!

  58. Sharon says:

    Adam Lambert is definitely the sexiest man in the world.

  59. Karen says:

    ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! He emits sexuality just like Elvis did! His voice and vocal range are outstanding!

  60. Alysha says:

    Adam Lambert will win hands down. The only other guy on the list that is sexy is David Cook!

  61. Randomness says:

    EVERYONE VOTE ROB THOMAS!!! he is not jus incredibely good looking (10 million times hotter in real life btw) :P…dont forget how how talented he is…but also cuz he is hands down AN AMAZING man! & im not jus talking about all the work he does for pets alive & that he has his own charity foundation & all…he is jus waaaaay too nice for a rockstar! & soo down to earth! 🙂 if u have to vote for someone, plz vote for him. Its the least he deserves.

    1. Mary-ellen says:

      I have to agree, Rob Thomas is something else! On the other hand, David Cook does a lot of charity works as well. He is super nice and is a rea; person, not like the average waste case rock star.

  62. Jsishsv says:

    Is this the actual voting poll chart or is this jus for predictions???

    1. This is who you THINK will win. Actual vote starts Monday… check out the schedule!

      1. leigh says:

        Shawn, why yesterday or day befor, David Cook had 20, something and now he’s down to 16, Why the change in #’s

  63. JLM says:

    Adam is just totally, crazy hot in my book!!

    1. Jessica says:

      which Adam???

      1. JLM says:

        The Adam 🙂 Adam Lambert!!

      2. Kaybee says:

        There’s another SEXY Adam??? *Checks list* Nope didn’t think so, just Lambert! 😉

      3. Jessica says:

        yes there is another sexy adam…ADAM LEVINE!

  64. tess4ADAM says:

    ADAM LAMBERT is the most GORGEOUS .. SEXIEST .. and the most TALENTED male artist .. EVER!!

    1. glamity58 says:

      I agree Tess.

  65. Jessica says:

    Vote for Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, or Jackson I love them all soooo much!

  66. NYCarole says:

    David Cook oozes with hot passion every which way possible! !!!!! S E X I E S T Man alive!!!

  67. Meg says:

    Adam Lambert. Duuh.

  68. Kara says:

    The winner will be Adam Lambert, no doubt!

  69. Jude H says:

    Puhlease…none of these guys can hold a candle to Lambert.

    1. Me2 says:

      Dream, Dream, Dream….

  70. Jude H says:

    Puhlease…none of these guys can hold a candle to Lambert!!

    1. Callie Lilly says:

      ROFLMAO. You’re not serious right???

  71. Patsy says:

    Kris Allen cause he doesn’t TRY to be sexy like some of the others-just is !

    1. Kammie says:

      Kris Allen is too short to be sexy and he has a weird jaw. Something if really off with his mouth / jaw. J/S

    2. LK says:

      You said it! The boy is just naturally good-looking & hot & has a sexy voice.

  72. Callie Lilly says:

    IMO, not to many of these guys listed have it in the hot zone except Adam Levine and Kris Allen. All the others…meh. If I were going to put up some more Idol contestants, I’d have put up Jason Castro. Now there’s a bod. Kris too. Both have great bods. And if you’re going to put some more mature men up….I’d definitely put up Jon Bon Jovi. Talk about sex appeal.

  73. Cory says:

    Wow, pretty nice list, but I have to go with Kris Allen. Have you seen the man shirtless, and he rocks a simple white t-shirt like no other. He is hot in the obvious ways, and even hotter in all his subtleties. I do believe there are many delicious layers there, and it sure is a blast seeing them revealed.

  74. Rascalete says:

    David Cook is the sexiest man because he is not only gorgeous & masculine he is very sensitive, funny, articulate and talented.
    Adam Lambert is Gay and does not come across as masculine . I don’t think feminine men are sexy at all.JMO

    1. terie says:

      ADAM has all the attributes that David Cook has … just b/cuz he’s GAY doesn’t take away from them … SEXY is SEXY no matter what his orientation. JMO

    2. Grey says:

      You vote for you choice and we will vote for ours. Don’t find Cook sexy straight or gay. Just boring.

      1. Rascalete says:

        I find Adam Lambert boring so lets call it even.

    3. adamaniac85 says:

      I can tell by your post you have never met Adam. I have met and hugged Adam F. Lambert a few times and trust me those big sexy arms around me were VERY masculine. He can go from teddy bear to sexy beast in 3 seconds flat. That man is just all kinds of DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

    4. smallblueangel says:

      femine man are the most sexist man ever

      1. Pat says:

        What are femine men?

  75. TINA JONES says:

    david cook he is sexier man i know oh my god go go go david cook you can win go sexy baby 😀 😀 :D.

  76. Karen says:

    David Cook!! He’s HOTT!!

  77. Megan says:

    Jackson 🙂

    1. Megan Dufour ( who really loves JR) says:

      Hey we have the same name and we both love Jackson! you love him right?

  78. Heather says:

    Jackson is the most talented and the sexiest man ever!!! And no one on the planet can come close to that smile. He writes his own songs & music -and 100 Monkeys aside, that classical post on FB was amazing, – he has a totally unique voice, he can play guitar, piano, drums & more, and he is an awesome actor. Not to mention the improv songs. No one else on this poll can do that! He is great to his fans. He’s down to earth and has a fantastic sense of humor. Monkey Junkies know whose #1….no matter what some poll says. WE LOVE YOU JAY ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for existing 😉

  79. kat says:

    jacksonnnn ❤

  80. Magz says:

    Adam Lambert the sexiest man alive!!!! and most talented person ever, he is a amazing person and a amazing artist !!

  81. Meg says:

    Definitely David Cook! He is gorgeous and has a fantastic voice. A win-win combination.

  82. Jessica says:


  83. Grey says:

    IMO to be sexy you need to be tall, goodlooking, and smoldering with sex appeal in your performances. So my pick would be Adam Lambert all they way.

  84. Kimberlee says:

    VOTE for the one and only choice David Cook!!!!!! He defines sexy!!!!111

  85. Michal says:

    Adam Lambert!!

    If his aura could be bottled if would be “SEX POTION”

  86. Anna says:

    Adam Lambert is the Sexiest man I’ve EVER seen!!! I’ve met him and he is even More GORGEOUS in “real life”!!!

  87. Michele says:

    Not trying to rub it in….but the above numbers speak for
    Adam is a SEX GOD…no ifs, ends or butts about it!
    GO ADAM GO!!!!!!
    XO “Adamicted”

  88. MJ says:

    Oh yeah, Adam’s winning. He is gorgeous, sweet and sexy as heck and his talent is out of this world. If you haven’t heard him sing, go listen. You’ll be blown away.

  89. glamity58 says:

    Lambert all the way because of his voice and stage presence. I think Bruno is great and a few others. I was a fan of Daughtry and Cook, and still am; they just don’t exude personality on stage. Their voices are great however. I don’t get the Kris Allen thing at all. He can sing but lacks personality completely.

  90. Dana says:

    Adam Lambert!

  91. toma says:

    Adam lambert is the most talented and the sexiest man! He will win!!!

  92. Magz says:

    Adam Lambert thee sexiest man alive!!! An amazing and inspiring artist with gorgeous vocals.!!!!<3 🙂 😉

  93. LoverofLifeNH says:

    Hands Down it’s Adam Lambert! Not only is he serious eye candy but he is a genuinely nice person as well. He is articulate, gracious with fans, down to earth, and uses his fame to help those less fortunate. This is what constitutes sexy in my book; the complete package. And Adam has it all!

  94. Pixel says:

    Woo Hoo! Go Jackson!!!!

  95. Andy says:

    How come Adam Levine is not on this?? FAIL

  96. Tara Morgan says:

    Adam Lambert-he has the sexy moves as well-he is “Sexy as Hell.”

  97. alyssia says:

    Bruno mars iss sooooo the sexiest mannnnnnn onnn earth ❤

    1. Pat says:

      He sounds like a woman when he sings-a definite turn off, not sexy at all!

      1. Jessica says:

        @Pat who gives crap if he sounds like a woman He has a amazing voice & unless ur blind he is very sexy.

  98. Rusya says:

    Адам Ламберт тоооочно секси))) ну и что что педик??? ща модно!))
    а где же всеми любимые патинсон и бибер??? странно…зато кука и аленна поставили О_о

  99. Jake says:

    Jackson Rathbone tweeted that he doesn’t know who Kris Allen is? Well, join the club dude. No one else knows who he is either. LMAO

  100. smallblueangel says:

    Adam Lambert of course

  101. cj says:

    Kris Allen is short and hairy, like a monkey

  102. trident says:

    All this proves is that Glamberts know how to robo-vote.

    1. tess says:

      Not really … what it proves is that they support ADAM & aren’t too lazy to vote to show it … also … there are 1.2MM followers on Twitter alone so naturally ADAM will get a lot of votes if we only vote once or twice per day!!

      1. Me2 says:

        or 10, 20 or 50.

    2. tess says:

      Glamberts don’t robot vote … we don’t have to!! There are enough of us to vote for ADAM’s sexiness … we don’t CHEAT!! ADAM is the Nicest .. most Handsome .. Charismatic .. Philanthropic .. Articulate .. Talented .. Stylish .. Alpha Male artist in the music industry Today! He’s got it all … and that Adds up to “Sexiest” … IMO

    3. Beverly says:

      Sour grapes much???

  103. pixi says:

    ADAM LAMBERT all the way. No one else on this list even comes close. He always has my vote.

  104. Beverly says:

    I have NO problem w/anyone thinking another star, other than my choice, as being more sexy! What I have a problem is, some come on anything w/Adam Lambert on it to make hateful remarks & never even post who they like! What’s up w/that? I love Adam Lambert & think he’s the TOTAL PACKAGE! You don’t see me makiing hateful remarks about who you like ~ Then why don’t you just shut the HELL UP about your HOMOPHOBIC, HATEFUL remarks about him! I have some derogitory (sp?) that I could say about who you like too, but that would be classless!! Just vote for who you want & gush over them the same why Adam Lambert fans gush about him! Polls are meant to be fun, not a place to post your hate for a performer!!!

    1. tess4ADAM says:

      Very well said Beverly!! It seems that every other guy on this poll is this & that but all the detractors can point out is ADAM’s orientation … not a freakin’ word about his PHEnomenal voice … his PHILanthropy or his TALent … what are you all so afraid of? ADAM was just voted Best Role Model & Nicest Celeb on Twitter in the UK. Give it a rest already … it’s starting to get OLD!! The more you diss ADAM … the harder his Glamberts will Vote to make him #1 where he Naturally Belongs!!

    2. Traci L says:

      Why is someone automatically homophobic if they don’t particularly find Adam attractive or sexy? You don’t find the others sexy but no one is calling you a HETEROPHOBE.

      1. annie says:

        Could it be that ignorant remarks are being made about Adams masculinity!!! If you don’t care for him just say so…. no need in name calling!!!! Anyway, he is hotter then hot!!!!!!!

      2. Me2 says:

        Agreed. He is not for everyone. I can listen to him sing, I like his voice, but I prefer not to watch him.

  105. artsytarts says:

    They are all worthy men, but for my vote, ya gotta be David Cook, baby!!!

  106. Rascalete says:

    David Cook has it all without the makeup and glitter, body, sexy ass, gorgeous face, awesome personality too!

  107. Anna L says:

    Adam Lambert without doubt.

  108. Anna L says:

    Adam Lambert is a sure fire winner !

  109. funbunn40 says:

    Adam Lambert the sexiest man alive!! Seeing him live is like being jolted with electricity! When he looks at you he makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. He looks into your eyes with full attention and his smile lights up the room. The nicest guy you could ever meet and sooo good looking! 6ft1 of pure sex appeal and those long legs! Thud!

  110. Dorena says:

    Adam Lambert is sexy, sexy, sexy!

  111. Ash says:


  112. Gloria Sweet-love says:

    Adam Lambert is the SEX!! End off *_*

  113. Alex says:

    For me Jared is the most sexiest person on the world.. And he is sooo talented and hard-working person… 🙂 He gives everything for Mars and their fans… 🙂

    1. fimfc says:

      I hear that!!! He really is soooooo hot

  114. Kimmy echelon says:

    Are you freaking serious, JARED LETO is the sexiest, Not only is hot as hell and has the most beatiful eyes, but he also has a beautiful soul. Looks are only part of being sexy, His fun charasmatic,energetic, openminded, outlook on everything makes him sexy to me Jared has my vote for infinity!

    1. CTRY says:

      OMG he’s soooooooo HOT!!!!! Jared Leto eyes… voice… body…

  115. njl says:

    ADAM LAMBERT- without a doubt!!!!!!!

    1. simm says:

      HOT! Sexy and NICE!

      1. simm says:

        HOT! Sexy and NICE!= ADAM !!!!

  116. solange says:

    Ryan Star!!!

  117. solange says:

    Ryan Star!

  118. Jessica says:


  119. CTRY says:

    LMFAO @ Adam Lambert being sexy!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you children wanna know about sexiness??? Take a look at ANY picture of JARED LETO from 1995 to 2011 u will find hotness everywhere!!! Grow up, Adam Lambert without make-up and all the “American Idol production” is not even ‘cute’… gross!!!

    1. tess4ADAM says:

      Jared Who?? Never heard of him!! Sorry!!!

      1. gc says:

        tess4ADAM doesnt know anyone but Adam. lol

    2. Jet says:

      You are aware that Jared wears makeup also, right? Besides, I think Jared is gross and Adam Lambert is beautiful and sexy. But no need to get mad because the majority of the people voting are not picking you choice of Jared.

    3. Danielle says:

      Good grief are we having trouble with the fact Lambert has one of the largest fan bases of anyone. Also tess I had no clue who this jared was either

  120. Danielle says:

    Levine slams other artists on the voice all the time it’s unprofessional. IMO to be sexy you have to have the looks the voice the sex appeal and a kind and giving heart. Lambert has it all and more. There is no one on this list that can compare.

    1. Jessica says:

      Levine apologized about slamming Lambert he didn’t mean it that way he was just compliminting another artist give him a break, gosh

  121. Tara says:

    if Jackson is the sexiest then why is it that the real sexiest man known to Earth is Adam Lambert winning?

  122. jen says:

    Shame that what ended up turning me off Adam Lambert completely is his fans’ behavior. The way you act, even in little poll comment sections, reflects poorly on your artist. Js

    1. tess4ADAM says:

      WHAT would you want us to do? Just sit back & say nothing while you “slam” ADAM? What kind of fans of any other artist would DO that?? Would you?? Stop with the NASTY remarks & we won’t feel impelled to return in kind!!

      1. tess4ADAM says:

        Sorry … make that … COMPELLED instead of IMPELLED …

      2. jen says:

        Not slamming Adam at all, in fact I feel sad for him in a way. His fans are a bunch of crays and he knows it.

    2. lucre says:

      i don’t understand what you mean. The last time i checked we live in a free country; and Adam is the kindest person I’ve ever known; and what people are writting comes from the way they feel and nothing else! leave Adam alone!

      1. jen says:

        I’m quite sure he is kind, it’s you all who are the embarrassment. And yes it’s a free country, I’ll have my say as surely as you have yours, thank you.

  123. Glaucia Gonçalves says:

    Adam Lambert sexy? Where? When? NEVER! NEVER! DISGUSTING!

    1. annie says:

      If you don’t like Adam Lambert fine….no need for name calling! I don’t care for your guy, but I’m not going to resort to name calling to get my point across. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Glaucia Gonçalves says:


    1. tess says:


      1. fimfc says:

        He really is soooo hot lol

  125. LisaW says:

    Adam Lambert all the way baby, super sexy, though geez those pix you picked really? like 2 years old, he’s much more sexy pix than those!! (I have them all on photobucket LOL should I share?) see? HERE’s a hottie:

    gorgeous, sexy, talented and a super sweet funny guy, what the HELL is there not to love about Adam Lambert? not a thing (and his bf is hot too)

  126. jaberone says:

    Why aren’t the vote numbers changing???? I have voted numerous times, with NO change!!!!


  127. funbunn40 says:

    If there’s any doubt, check out Details .com, Adam lambert model photo shoot and Adam Lambertdoing Whole Lotta Love, Fantasy Springs, slow, sexy version, American Idol tour rock version or any of the Glamnation tour encores or Fever. Pure smoldering sex!!

  128. Malaury says:

    Mouahahah ! Jackson is the best ! :p

  129. Gina says:

    There is by far no comparison to Chris Daughtry in my book.He has the look,the talent,and sings with so much emotion.His music is so heart felt and the best part about Chris is that he loves the Lord.There is nothing more sexy then a man of God.

  130. LambertsLabelle says:

    Lambert home-run!!!!

  131. Lau Cardenas says:

    Not fair Jackson definitely is the SEXIEST of all!! so!!! plus who else but him can be Singer, musician, song writer, producer, actor, etc etc etc all at once??? Just Jackson!!!

  132. CTRY says:

    I’m sorry to inform that THE ECHELON is busy promoting the BAND and voting for MUSIC awards!!! Jared Leto has been winning “sexiest” polls for over too long now!!!! BTW LOL
    YES THIS IS A CULT!!!!!!!!

  133. tess4ADAM says:

    AND the WINNER!!!! of Round 1 is … with an overwhelming 95% of the VOTE … the one & only .. ***ADAM LAMBERT***

  134. Juli says:

    No one comes close to Adam. There hasn’t been a talent like his in decades!

  135. judi nichols says:

    Jackson Rathbone is THE sexist man on mix!

  136. Gina C says:

    Chris Daughtry has the looks,the talent and sings with so much emotion.His music does touch the heart in away I can’t begin to express.The best part about Chris is that he loves Jesus and there is nothing more sexy then a man that loves the lord.

    1. glamity58 says:

      I agree with you on everything about Chris Daughtry except the emotion. He was not really great in concert. I need more moment and animation I guess. Maybe he’s gotten better in concert since I last saw him. I do ove his songs. After I saw Lambert in concert live, I was overwhelmed. He is the best live performer I’ve seen and I’ve been going to concerts for 35 years.

      1. glamity58 says:

        Sorry, change moment to “movement” and ove to “love.” I can’t type.

  137. willglambert says:

    glamberts coming to win this poll … Adam is too hot even for the haters … lets make Adam win

  138. melody says:

    when it comes to sexy, Adam Lambert is definitely the winner! although i love others 2, but i can’t vote for any other person!

  139. alambertcrazy says:

    Adam Lambert is the sexiest. People need to grow up when they criticize him for being gay. That’s the same as criticizing a disabled person. If that was the case, would people criticize him? Probably not! Lambert rocks and anyone who disagrees just wishes they could be him. Just saying.

    1. Me2 says:

      Living in dreamland I see.

    2. Gayle Miller says:

      adam does nothing for me but i agree his sexuality has no bearing on whether he is considered sexy or not and i def don’t want to be him now Rathbone i wouldn’t mind being him for a day or two better than being a fly on the wall of the monkey mobile 🙂

  140. stinglikeabee says:

    Adam for sure….

  141. CTRY says:

    Sure… u Glamberts’ kids have no other polls to vote so u better spend time on this one LOL

    1. tess says:

      If it makes you believe your convoluded theory that only kids are Glamberts … then go ahead & do so. KIDS are outside playing ball … hangin’ with their BFFs …. cruisin’ in their cars … goin’ to the beach … while moms & dads are home VOTING for ADAM!! However, believe what you wish!!

      1. CTRY says:

        That’s not the point MOM, the point is: Glamberts have no other polls to vote for “American-Idol-Adam”!!!!!!!! LMAO

      2. Danielle says:

        Ok so I guess CTRY dosent spend much time on the net. There are scores of other polls for adam and and this housewife and mother will continue to vote for adam until he has won the whole thing. Adam isn’t a tween idol he is for everyone who is civillized enough to live in this century and not have beliefs from the dark ages

    2. GlambertLove says:

      We’re dedicated to our GlamGod Adam Lambert, that’s why we vote. We don’t sit around 24/7 and vote.

      +—- Adam has all kinds of fans. Old, young, bald, hairy, straight, gay, bi, black, white, asian, or WHATEVER. So… ‘Glambert kids’?? Just… shush.

    3. Ray says:

      Agreed Glamberts, better get on it. Does Lambert REALLY qualify? LOL

  142. adam lambert and panic! at the disco fan says:

    ADAM LAMBERT FOREVER!!! despite his attractiveness, he also has the best voice and music. im forever a glambert!!! xxx

  143. Flor Mtz says:

    Jackson is the sexiest and he has a lot of talent (:

  144. Melissa says:

    I Love Jackson But Got To Go With Adam Hes The Sexiest

  145. GlambertLove says:

    Adam Lambert, hands down. Comment whatever s**t you want, Adam Lambert is the SEXIEST MAN. I don’t give a f**k of what gender he likes, what clothes he wears, what eyes he has, or whatever.. I am looking at his personality. He has the most beautiful soul ever, he has a golden heart, and he will forever be the SEXIEST MAN EVER. He has a sexy personality and he IS sexy.

    Stop with the H8… there’s no use for it!! NO H8.

  146. Charla says:

    ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even a close second.

  147. Anna says:

    Jared Leto is certainly the sexiest. I mean HE IS 39 and he looks amazing.

    1. CTRY says:

      A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 😉

    2. fimfc says:

      Couldnt agree more!!

  148. Sara says:

    JARED LETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that the most people that are voting didn’t even hear about him…and he really is the sexiest.

  149. redheadkelly says:

    If you want a definition of sex – look in the dictionary, you’ll see Adam’s pic near this word ))))
    Adam Levine is cool, really nice guy.
    But noone can compare to ADAM SEX GOD LAMBERT

  150. Cameron says:

    Rob! Y u no have the most votes? :’O

  151. CTRY says:

    “VOTING HAS ENDED! Nearly 6,000 votes were cast, and the winner with 80% of the vote is… JARED LETO!! Jared will be in the Sexiest Man Top 8 beginning Friday, July 22nd!”

  152. avril says:

    of curse JARED LETO is the sexiest person in all the entire universe!!!!!!!!!!

    1. fimfc says:

      too true!!

  153. Stella says:

    Adam is the sexiest. Paws up, Glamberts!!!

  154. Judi says:

    I am still sticking with Jackson Rathbone as the sexiest man, Why??? well hell Why not? That man is multi talented and really cares about his fans (Hell yes I am a Monkey Junkie) Hes funny smart and talented. He plays multiple instruments and sings as well as acts. Go to one of the 100 monkeys shows, you will see Jackson in a whole new prospective. Once again Jackson Rathbone no doubt about it :D:D

    1. What she said!!! Go, Jax!! 🙂

  155. CTRY says:


  156. fimfc says:

    For me it has to be Jared Leto – he is so hot! The best looking man I have ever seen nom nom nom

  157. willglambert says:

    adam lambert all the way

  158. Tiffany tatum says:

    Adam Levine

  159. Anne says:

    You know what, just support the artist you like by saying compliments or whatever. Stop bashing other artists!

    1. Akyria says:

      Anne you are exactly right!

  160. Me says:

    This poll is the biggest pile of BS.

    1. Me2 says:


  161. AllaLambert says:

    Adam Lambert The Best Forever !!!!

  162. Belinda says:

    Adam Levine

  163. willglambert says:

    adam lambert will win

  164. AquaTinta says:


  165. AquaTinta says:


  166. Megan Dufour ( who really loves JR) says:

    Jackson is the sexiest man on the planet! even on mars 😛

  167. i vote for jackson rathbone , there is no other

  168. jen b says:

    jackson rathbone, why would i vote for anybody else

  169. Denise says:

    Jackson Rathbone!!

  170. Jackson Rathbone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. fitgal72 says:

    If you have ever seen Jackson Rathbone perform… Just one look makes you SWOON and his VOICE..Yeah! SEXY personafied!

  172. judi nichols says:

    jackson is sexiest without a doubt

  173. Darlene says:

    I vote Jackson Rathbone!

  174. Chelsea says:

    Jackson Rathbone sex god!


  176. Elizabeth Axe says:

    Jackson, hell yes. No compitition. We all know Jackson is the hottest person on the planet.
    And every planet, and star, and universe… JS

  177. Jess says:

    Jackson of course! He’s the whole package! How? He isn’t just hott, he’s multitalented, and has an amazing personality, not to mention he is really funny…in a good way.

  178. Jackson Rathbone,definitely!

  179. Ashlyn Bertolini says:

    Oh HELL NO..Adam Lambert hands down!! Wait and see 🙂

  180. Ola Zorin says:

    jacksonnnnnnnn i love you . only you sexy ! ♥

  181. Chelly says:

    No sir e ,
    Adam Levine.
    Don’t even argue!

  182. tKris Allen is probably the sexiest man on this list ♥

  183. Allysmom36 says:

    Isn’t it a good thing that everyone has different taste or else everyone would be chasing after the same people and others would be left out. Everyone has their own opinion and myself I pick Jackson Rathbone!!

  184. Kasey says:

    Jackson baby! ❤

  185. amylynn says:

    how do i vote?? when i go to the main page it is only showing day 1 votees

  186. Zoe says:

    Jackson Rathbone!!!! the others just fade in to the background as far as i’m concerned!

  187. Melinda says:

    Jackson is way hotter than adama

  188. Sheri says:

    Jackson! No Contest

  189. Where I have to go for voting?

  190. Beth says:

    Jackson…..No second guessing!! He’s sexy!!!!

  191. Megan Dufour ( who really loves JR) says:

    Jackson Rathbone is the best! vote for him!!! PLEASSSSEEEE!!!!

  192. willglambert says:

    my vote for Adam lambert always the best

  193. Megan Dufour ( who really loves JR) says:

    Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER!! vote for him!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER!!! vote for him!!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!! Jackson Rathbone is the sexiest man EVER! vote for him!!

  194. Robbi Key says:

    Jackson Rathbone definately!

  195. AshleyNicole says:

    Nooooo!!!! Adam Lambert IS the sexiest man on Earth!! He cannot lose!!!! Ahhhhhh!

  196. Whoo hoo!!! 116,00 + votes for Jackson!!! We already knew who was the sexiest!!! 🙂

  197. dmartin82 says:


  198. Ash says:


  199. susan says:

    Adam Lambert is the sexiest by far! Hands down! Plus, he brings the idiots out of the woodwork to vent their jealousy on commenting on polls like this! I mean, we need something to laugh at while bringing home the win for Adam! Haha Right Hebe and company? 😉

  200. kiwi1958 says:

    Adam Lambert. Hands down, sexiest man ever, anywhere.

  201. ROB. Always. Nothing more I need to say. : )

  202. Ashley says:

    Jackson is the sexiest out of all those men up on the list.

  203. laurieb says:

    I was really glad to see that both fan bases showed up to the Kris Allen and Jackson Rathbone votes, this didnt seem to happen for the others, sad really

  204. Sexy is more than sexual orientation or looks… besides, this poll is supposed to be fun. Please stop making insulting comments and just let us enjoy the competition.

    Thank you!

  205. NyCArole says:

    C’mon David Cook is The Sexiest Man Alive! His Royal Rock Star Hotness just oozes from his sizzling Hot self!

  206. Jojo says:

    <3**JACKSON RATHBONE IS THE SEXIEST!!!**<3 The one and only. Ever.

  207. Anna says:

    ♥ I Love Adam Lambert!!!! ♥

  208. NyCArole says:

    David Cook v Ryan Star …. Cook wins by 94% of 44,208 votes!! NEXT?!

  209. I think David Cook is the most sexiest musician alive. I adore his good looks and his voice.

  210. Debbie says:

    Hands down – DAVID COOK!!!!!! He just oooooooooozes SEX APPEAL!!!!!!!!

  211. DJR says:

    Adam Lambert is the sexiest & more talented than anyone else around now.His vocals are amazing!!

    1. I agree… Adam has an awesome voice… and, yes, he is sexy… in fact, aren’t all these guys gorgeous? Why didn’t guys look like this when I was still single? 😀 Hee hee!!!

  212. Gayle Miller says:

    Jackson Rathbone def sexiest man not only is he multi-talented musically but he also is the most giving, sweet and humble guy. Never one to hog the spotlight, always promoting the orphan charities and honouring his friend Spencer Bell who died of cancer. He is a beautiful soul who loves what he does and gets up each day with one thought – how best to brighten everyones day. Then you have his appearance athletically built, rocks the rock god look as well as my fave the hippie look and his hair is so lush you want to run your fingers through it and his smile spreads right across his face and reaches his eyes it’s not just put on for the camera and his voice omg that texan voice with the growlage and deepness is just rwoar most definitely the sexiest man and did i mention he’s also fantastic with all ages and his stage presence is phenomenal.

    1. Sarah says:

      His smile is contagious.

  213. Bee says:

    Jackson all the way so hot and cheeky/mischievous smile 🙂 he looks like he’s up to something all the time 🙂

  214. True Echelon says:

    I think Jared should win.I don’t think that any of these younger guys will look that good without make up at age of 39!I couldn’t believe when i find out he is 39!I mean just look at him!

  215. David Cook is by far the sexiest! Sex on legs!! 😀

  216. ✖‿ ✖ says:

    Jackson Rathbone of course!!

  217. Megan Dufour ( who really loves JR) says:

    Jackson is the sexy but the kindest,coolest,hottest,best actorsinger, funny, inspiring, natural. PERFECT MAN!!! vote for Jackson!!! because he merit it!

  218. anna Langley says:

    Adam Lambert is the sure fire winner!

  219. anna Langley says:

    Adam Lambert is the sure fire winner !

  220. Zoe says:

    aaww man if it comes down to adam lambert and david cook i would have to pick both. they are both my babies and are as sexy as hell

  221. NyCArole says:

    ,,, And His Royal Rock Star Hotness David Cook clobbers Pat Monahan (TRAIN) … as the Sexiest Man of Mix by 87% of 93,310 votes!!! (duh!)

  222. NyCArole says:

    First of all… mismatched here… Lambert should be voted against… say Lady Ga Ga .. Jennifer Lopez and not the most masculine of men? Watz up w that?

    1. Yeeeeah! says:

      Adam Lambert IS 6’1″ of uber-sexy-masculine MAN and yes…….he is gay. So what?

      Watz up w that,you say? I’d say you need glasses,that ‘watz’!

  223. Michele says:

    Adam Lambert is the definition of sexy!!!
    How does the dictionary describe sexy…”Erotic, Appealing, Desirable, Hot, Lucious”…
    in other words ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!
    Rob Thomas can sing BUT….Adam is the total package….Amazing singer, magnetic charisma, beautiful to admire!
    Hands down ADAM is the sexiest…period!
    XO “Adamicted”

  224. tess4ADAM says:

    ADAM WINS AGAIN!! .. GLAMBERTS!! Good Job!! NOW … for the final poll … on your PCs .. etc. Get READY … Get SET … BRING it ON!! .. ADAM … All the Way!!

  225. Sarah says:


    Great band. Awesome style. They’re all about their music and fans. Their attitudes and just view on life is inspiring. They have so much heart.
    Even if you think David Cook or Adam Lambert are the sexiest, that’s cool! Check them out you will not be disappointed!

  226. LambertsLabelle says:

    ow it gets harder,Glamberts!!!!!Dont put down the fists!!

  227. SunMaiden for Jackson says:

    ♥Jackson♥ Jackson♥ Jackson♥

    Let’s do this…… Jackson is so sexy, nice, funny, ahhhh I could keep going…he is the total package.

    This man is seriously sexy

  228. Dawn says:

    Monkey Junkies Unite

    Let’s get this SEXY MAN to the top and the win.


  229. Zoe says:

    JACKSON FOR THE WIN!!!!!! He is the perfect gentleman, super talened, so HOT that he should come with a warning and i can think of no other man on this planet that can make me go nuts with just a smile…..!

    1. Dawn says:

      NO DOUBT…I completely agree….and if SOMEHOW he didn’t win this…we all still know he is, but would be nice to let him k now how much we know it.

  230. Gayle Miller says:

    well done cookies good luck in the final round

  231. fean says:

    ,Adam is performing in Canada. Can’t wait for the videos.

  232. Can’t believe Jackson is out of the race..
    He should have won this, for sure..

  233. Jessica says:

    Either Most of the people that vote on this poll are blind or the poll is just a bunch of BS, cuz the three most sexy people in the universe have already lost. I mean you people cant seriously think that Adam lambert & David Cook r sexier than Bruno mars, Jackson rathbone, & Adam Levine & if u do than you need to get a new pair of glasses!

Comments are closed.

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