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Watch Chaz Bono Propose To His Girlfriend

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Photo Source: Getty Images/ Michael Buckner

Photo Source: Getty Images/ Michael Buckner

Last night, OWN aired a new special called “Being Chaz”.  It was a follow-up to “Becoming Chaz” . . . the special that chronicled CHAZ BONO’S transformation from woman to man.

The highlight was Chaz proposing to his sexy girlfriend JENNIFER ELIA atop the Space Needle in Seattle.

It’s kind of an odd, awkward moment, because Chaz never actually asks Jennifer to marry him, and she never says yes.  He just gives her the ring as a birthday present.

But she does let him put it on her finger, and she says, quote, “It’s gorgeous.  Thank you so much.  It’s stunning.  It’s huge.”

She adds, quote, “This is heavy [crap], man.”  So yeah, we assume they’re now engaged.

Elsewhere on the show, Jennifer cries as Chaz prepares for “Dancing With the Stars” . . . because she’s afraid someone will try to KILL him.

She says, quote, “People feel so angry that Chaz is entering their television.  People who make change get shot, and I don’t think that’s worth it . . . This is insane.  It’s not worth doing a show if you’re going to get shot.

“I don’t want him to die for a cause.”

Source: Wise Brother Media

Video HERE.

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