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Pizza Hut Engagement Party Package

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Introducing:  Pizza Hut’s $10,000 Engagement Party Package, Which Includes a Ring, Fireworks, and Pizza

If you shell out $10,010 to Pizza Hut, you get the following:

· Limo service.
· A ruby engagement ring.
· A bouquet of flowers.
· A personal fireworks display.
· A professional photographer.
· A professional videographer.
· And last but not least, a Pizza Hut $10 Dinner Box, which contains “a medium one-topping rectangular pan pizza, five breadsticks with marinara sauce and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup in one box.”

Customers interested in purchasing the exclusive $10 Dinner Box Proposal Package can visit PizzaHut.com or email Proposal@PizzaHut.com for more information.


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