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Mark Foster, Kimbra, And A-Trak

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What happens when you take front man of  Foster The People, the girl voice of Goyte’s “Somebody I Use To Know”, and a Dj named A-Trak? You get a awesome, fun get up and dance song, titled Warrior.

Mark Foster of Foster the People, DJ A-Trak, and vocalist Kimbra from Goyte smash hit “Somebody I Use To Know collaborated together to create their new hit “Warrior”. It was put together as part of Converse’s 3 Artists, 1 Song promo, which is why you will have the sudden urge to buy a pair of Chuck Taylors from the nearest Journeys store once the video is over.

Check out the video below, which is amazing and download the song for free here !

Story: Gizmodo

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