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Lady Gaga Tweets To Expect New Music Soon

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Getty Images/Sandra Mu

Getty Images/Sandra Mu

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Does Lady Gaga sleep? Between the firestorm surrounding her cancelled show in Indonesia, her Monster’s Ball world tour, being the “Mother Monster” of Twitter, and of course, coming up with insane outfits, she never seems to take a break. Even Elton John has shown concern for the starlet. He recently told The Guardian “I look at Gaga and I think, ‘How does she do it?’ I talk to her mum and dad about it. They worry.”

Don’t expect her to heed Elton’s warning. A short while ago, she tweeted some big news:

Gaga’s co-manager, Vincent Herbert, is also excited. A month ago, he spoke with That Grape Juice about the new music: “Just insane, great record. She’s on tour right now, but it’s just going to be a great record. Look out for the unexpected, when it comes to her – I’m very excited. We’re doing it on the road right now, so it’s very hard, but it’s going to be great.”

It may just be the title that’s being revealed in fall, but the music won’t be far behind. Gaga has been playing the record for her managers, label, and inner circle. Longtime friend and current Monster’s Ball opener Lady Starlight has also heard the follow-up to Born This Way. The forthcoming album will be her fourth release in as many years, not counting various singles, special releases, and collaborations. Her tour continues through the rest of the year, with new shows being announced regularly.

-Robyn Luttrell, CBS Local

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