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A New 24-Hour Wedding Chapel Is Opening In Vegas

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Photo Source: Getty Images/ China Photos

Photo Source: Getty Images/ China Photos

JC Fernandez
JC was born in Philadelphia and came to Las Veg...
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And you thought getting married at a 24-hour wedding chapel in Las Vegas couldn’t get any classier . . .

There’s a new all-night wedding chapel opening in Las Vegas . . . inside a DENNY’S.  So now you can get married AND serve Moons Over My Hammy at your reception, without even switching venues.

A Denny’s spokeswoman says they’re hoping it, quote, “is going to be an icon within Vegas.

“People are going to want to travel to see this Denny’s.  The wedding scene is such a part of Vegas, and who doesn’t want a wedding cake made out of pancakes?”

This Denny’s will be on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, and it’ll open before the end of the year.

Source: Time / New York Daily News

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