You Spend 24% More When You Smell…

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(credit: Chris McGrath/ Getty Images)

(credit: Chris McGrath/ Getty Images)

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According to a study by Washington State University, you spend more money when you smell oranges while you’re shopping.

The researchers exposed people at a home furnishings store in Switzerland to different scents, to see how much they spent.

And when they used the smell of fresh oranges, the average shopper spent $62.44 . . . which was more than any other odor.

Oranges got shoppers to spend about $12 more than when there was no smell at all . . . which is about a 24% increase.

When shoppers smelled a combination of different smells mixed together . . .  including oranges, basil, and green tea . . . they spent only $47.37.  That’s 6% LESS than when there was no smell.

Source: Yahoo!

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