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What’s Trending 07/18/16

What’s Trending: Monday, July 18th, 2016

-Pokemon Go becomes the biggest mobile game in U.S. history.
-It has no officially crushed Candy Crush.
-The app has just under 21 million active smartphone users compared to 20 million that use Candy Crush.
-The game uses augmented reality and GPS tracking, allowing users to find and catch Pokemon in the real world.

-Study: 98% of people agreed to give away their first born in a fake app’s terms of service.
-This proves that most of us are not reading the privacy policy or terms of service when we access things online.
-The fake app, called NameDrop, had hidden “gotcha clauses” that included data sharing with the NSA.
-Another said participants agreed to sign over their firstborn. It continued, “If the user does not yet have children, this agreement will be enforceable until the year 2050.”

-Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence appeared for their first joint interview together on “60 Minutes.”
-A lot of people felt like it was very awkward and that Trump did not let the governor speak.
-What did you think?

Study: Facetime helps toddlers learn new skills and social interactions.
That Sunday chat with Grandma is even better for the little ones than you think!
The screen time must be interactive and not just placing them in front of a TV or a tablet.

A truck crashed into the “Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas” Sign on South 4th Street.
One vehicle was involved and no one was hurt.
The sign was put up in 2002, and is NOT to be confused for the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign south of the Strip.

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