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Almost Half of Men Shave or Trim Their Leg Hair?

According to a new survey, almost HALF of men shave or trim their leg hair.



52% of men say they leave their leg hair alone, 33% use a trimmer to cut theirs down, and 15% shave their legs completely.



So why are they doing it?  The best theory is that they’re trying to emulate two groups of guys who they admire:  Athletes, and porn stars.



Some athletes HAVE to shave their leg hair, like swimmers and divers.  And others keep it trim for that tiny edge in speed, or just to look better in shorts.  Like, can you picture any NBA players with super hairy legs?  I can’t.



And not that you would know this, but porn stars ALSO keep themselves well groomed, if not totally hairless.  So maybe guys have made the mental connection that a lack of body hair equals a ton of sex?



But the big question is, what do women think of it?  Well, just over half of them DO like the idea of a man who shaves or trims his leg hair.  Now you know.



This story was originally reported by The Independent

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