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Floyd Mayweather Celebrates His Birthday At Hyde Bellagio

Floyd Mayweather Celebrates His Birthday At Hyde Bellagio Last night, undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 38th birthday at Hyde Bellagio’s Lost Angels Industry Night in Las Vegas. Mayweather was greeted by a group […]



My Weight Loss Story Introduction: Hi My Name Is Heather Collins

Want to know how much I Weigh? Learn how I’m losing weight and why I’m doing it!



Chumlee on Mercedes In The Morning

Earlier this morning, the star of both PawnStars and Pawnography, Chumlee came by the show to discuss is upcoming DJ set at GhostBar DayClub. We talked about how he was preparing for his first ever […]

MIX 94.1–02/25/2015

Mercedes In The Morning

Mercedes’ Hot 3: How People Keep From Touching Stuff In Bathrooms

At some point, you’ve been in a public bathroom and seen someone leave without washing their hands. You probably saw that this week . . . maybe even today. Everyone in the world is disgusting […]

MIX 94.1–02/25/2015

Mercedes In The Morning

Mercedes’ Hot 3: Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookies

You could buy a box of Girl Scout cookies right now for like five bucks, which seems like a reasonable price for a box of delicious and professionally-made cookies. Or . . . you could spend […]

MIX 94.1–02/25/2015

Mercedes In The Morning

Mercedes’ Hot3: What 91% Of Women Would Do On A First Date

The wage gap is closing, with women getting closer and closer to getting paid fairly at work. And because women are the more giving of the sexes, they are sharing the wealth A new survey […]

MIX 94.1–02/25/2015

Mercedes In The Morning

What’s Trending: 02/25/15

What’s Trending: Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 #MichaelKeaton Saddest Vine ever of him stuffing his acceptance speech back in his jacket. #Coffee Drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day might be good for your health! #FaceBlanket […]

MIX 94.1–02/25/2015

(credit: Jade/CBS Radio)

How Do You Use Your Tire Inflation Kit When Your Tire Goes Low

Last night leaving work, I drove over a screw and got a flat tire. Normally, that wouldn’t be that huge of an issue if I had a spare tire in the trunk. Many new vehicles are only equipped with a kit that inflates your tire and also dispenses a sealant to fix most small holes. If you don’t know how to use it, it can be very intimidating, especially if you’re sitting in a parking lot at 12:30AM.



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