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JC was born in Philadelphia and came to Las Vegas in 1994 to attend UNLV. After graduating in 1997, he joined the Mix 94.1 family. May 1, 1998 he became the On- Air Executive Producer for “Mark and Mercedes in the Morning”. In January of 2001, JC left Las Vegas to work with Billy Bush at Z104 Radio in Washington, DC. While there, JC realized his true home was in Las Vegas. In September of 2005, JC was lucky enough to return to Las Vegas, where he was reunited with Mark and Mercedes, and since then his alarm clock goes off at 3:00am Monday – Friday! JC has been asked how he’s able to get up for work so early. His response, “I tell them that when you spend every morning with your best friends and do what we do, it’s not considered work.”


Jay Leno Interview With Mark and Mercedes

Jay Leno was on-air with Mark and Mercedes and they addresses the rumors that Jay will be back on TV next year. It’s a must listen to interview!


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Mary Lambert Calls In To Chat About Her New Album, Her Grammy Experience, and More!: Mark and Mercedes Interview

Mary Lambert will be performing tomorrow at Pet-A-Palooza and this morning she was on-air with Mark and Mercedes.


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Five Things Women Say That Make Guys Run The Other Way

What’s something a woman can say that will make you run the other way? Here are five of the most popular RED FLAGS . . .


Mark And Mercedes 15th Anniversary  (123)

Five Psychological Tricks That Give You Big Advantages In Everyday Situations

Here are five psychological tricks that can give you huge advantages in some everyday situations . . .


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Mark And Mercedes 2nd Chance Prom

Mark and Mercedes are hosting their 2nd Chance Prom at Rain inside the Palms on Saturday May 31st. More details to come… but first we need to come up with a theme!


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Joe Manganiello On-Air With Mark And Mercedes

This morning Mark and Mercedes spoke with Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike). Joe stars alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new movie SABOTAGE!


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Creators Of “The Good Wife” Address Sunday’s Shocking Episode

Spoiler Alert for “The Good Wife”! The show’s creators have written a letter to fans explaining the shocking plot twist on Sunday’s show, and posted it on Twitter.


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Drinking DOES Make You funnier! BUT…

Drinking really makes you funnier…. but only when you are the judge.


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Kermit The Frog Interview

This is a must listen to interview! Mercedes did the entire interview in her Kermit voice and Kermit’s reaction was priceless.


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Four Stats On People Who Cheat

The cheating websites AshleyMadison.com and VictoriaMilan.com both just released surveys on people who have affairs. Here’s what they found.