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JC was born in Philadelphia and came to Las Vegas in 1994 to attend UNLV. After graduating in 1997, he joined the Mix 94.1 family. May 1, 1998 he became the On- Air Executive Producer for “Mark and Mercedes in the Morning”. In January of 2001, JC left Las Vegas to work with Billy Bush at Z104 Radio in Washington, DC. While there, JC realized his true home was in Las Vegas. In September of 2005, JC was lucky enough to return to Las Vegas, where he was reunited with Mark and Mercedes, and since then his alarm clock goes off at 3:00am Monday – Friday! JC has been asked how he’s able to get up for work so early. His response, “I tell them that when you spend every morning with your best friends and do what we do, it’s not considered work.”

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Eight Phrases That Have Become Completely Irrelevant

Technology has ruined the greatest insults of our childhood. Like, you can’t say, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares” anymore. You have to say, “Here’s a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, Google someone who cares.” Not the same.

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Chris Daughtry Interview

Take a listen to our interview with Chris Daughtry. Chris was at Comic-Con and met the cast of The Walking Dead and he shared some behind the scenes secrets with us.

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Join JC At GARSIDE POOL – Thursday 7/31 From Noon To 4.

Join us Thursday 7/31 from Noon to 4 as we broadcast live at GARSIDE POOL for a Summer Safety Splash.


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Lisa Lampanelli Interview

Lisa Lampanelli will be appearing at The Venetian on August 8th and 9th and this morning she was on-air with Mark and Mercedes.


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Formula To Figure Out What You Should Do With Your Life

A career counselor named Richard Leider came up with a simple formula to figure out what you should be doing with your life.


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The End Of Hair Dye? Device Could Instantly Change Color Of Your Hair!

Ladies (and guys)… think about never having to dye your hair again! It’s possible. DETAILS here….


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Things You Do On A First Date That Make Someone Not Want A Second Date

It’s amazing ANYONE’S able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much JUDGING is going on . . . and how even one little mistake can ruin things. A new survey asked people the rudest things someone can do on a first date that would make them not want a second date.


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Smart Shoes That Vibrate, To Give Users Directions

Lechal shoes are Bluetooth-enabled smart footwear will sync up with an app on the user’s phone that is also connected to Google Maps


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The Main Reason People Cheat On Their Spouse Is . . .

If you find out your husband or wife is cheating on you, you’ll be DEVASTATED . . . and then, when that passes, you’ll start trying to figure out the reason WHY. You need to know that reason to get peace.


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Cesar Millan In-Studio

What did the dog whisperer have to say about Mark’s dog Rocky? Find out here!