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JC was born in Philadelphia and came to Las Vegas in 1994 to attend UNLV. After graduating in 1997, he joined the Mix 94.1 family. May 1, 1998 he became the On- Air Executive Producer for “Mark and Mercedes in the Morning”. In January of 2001, JC left Las Vegas to work with Billy Bush at Z104 Radio in Washington, DC. While there, JC realized his true home was in Las Vegas. In September of 2005, JC was lucky enough to return to Las Vegas, where he was reunited with Mark and Mercedes, and since then his alarm clock goes off at 3:00am Monday – Friday! JC has been asked how he’s able to get up for work so early. His response, “I tell them that when you spend every morning with your best friends and do what we do, it’s not considered work.”

The Huawei Ascend P1 S mobile phone (L)

23% of Us Use Our Phones to Avoid Talking to the People Around Us

Have you ever been with your friends or family, and pulled out your phone to avoid talking to the actual human beings right in front of you? Of course you have. That’s pretty much what cell phones are for now.

MIX 94.1–08/28/2015

(credit: Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images)

You Spent 42 Hours Sitting in Rush Hour Traffic Last Year

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute just released its annual study on how much time Americans spent sitting in rush hour traffic last year.

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Eminem (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

The 10 Songs That Stand The Test Of Time

The website Polygraph took every “Billboard” Hot 100 hit from 1950 to 2005 and cross-referenced its play count on Spotify to determine what songs are most popular today.

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Drunk Girl

A Woman Couldn’t Bring Her Expensive Bottle of Cognac on a Plane, So She Chugged It

She must have thought she was getting on a fraternity’s plane.

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Remember This Awesome Toy?

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Own After 30

Time to actually start acting like an adult.

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Cute boy, playing on tablet in the car

A Dad Leaves His Kid in the Car When He Finally Scores a Date With a Hot Chick

This guy had a hell of a dilemma and clearly he made the wrong call.

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Worried looking woman

We Spend Five Years of Our Lives Worrying

Here’s something new to worry about: You worry too much. What a vicious cycle.

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Businesswoman Wearing Name Tag Sign

The 11 Most Common Things Women Call Their Breasts

Figuring out how to refer to your breasts shouldn’t be this hard.

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Five Random Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car

Not knowing how many miles you have gone since your last oil change is not one of them. You should definitely know that.

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