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JC was born and raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania… just 30 minutes north of Philadelphia.  He lived a regular childhood… hooked on Nintendo games, riding ATV’s, getting impaled by a lawn darts and dreaming of one day playing football for the Dallas Cowboys.   Yes, JC grew up in Philadelphia, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys (this explains a lot).   While attending CB East HS JC got his chance to show the world his amazing his football skills. He played three years of high school ball and at the end of his HS football career he averaged 35 yards a catch!  VERY IMPRESSIVE.  Sadly he only had two catches, one for 5 yards and the second was a 65 yard Hail Mary (he made a spectacular catch with nothing but end zone in front of him…. he was so filled with excitement that his knees buckled underneath him and  was down at the five yard line).  With no college football offers on the table JC decided to head west and attend UNLV.

It was during his time at UNLV that he developed the radio bug.  JC’s first on-air gig was working at KUNV 91.5 hosting JAZZ PROGRESSIONS.  In case you are wondering JC knew nothing about JAZZ music.   This made hosting a Jazz show a tad bit difficult.  JC then found himself launching his own radio show called “THE WRESTLING FORUM” on AM 1230.   For three minutes a week he talked about something he is very  passionate about it…. PRO WRESTLING!

In the weird world of radio JC was PAYING the station $75 a week to lease air time for his WWE talk show…..   So in 1997 upon graduating from UNLV he went looking for a job in radio that PAID HIM.  In August 1997  he landed a job in the promotions department at Mix 94.1. In 1998 he moved over to producing, then onto Executive Producing.   In 2001 he moved to Washington DC to become the Executive Producer for Billy Bush (yes the Billy Bush you see on Access Hollywood).  After spending 5 years in our nation’s capital JC returned to Las Vegas and Mix 94.1 where he continued his Executive Producing duties and eventually evolving into On-Air Executive Producer and now Co-Host of “Mercedes in the Morning.”

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We’re Going to Spend $8.4 Billion on Halloween This Year, an All-Time High

We’re going to spend $8.4 BILLION on Halloween this year, which is the all-time high. That’s an average of $83 per person.

MIX 94.1–09/23/2016

(credit: jenifoto / iStock)

“Pokémon Go” Will Be Bigger Than Anything Else This Halloween

How does one dress up as an app?

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Photo Source: Getty Images/ Patrick Lin

A Man Tricked an Eight-Year-Old Girl Running a Lemonade Stand With a $50 Bill

Ripping off little kids makes you a terrible person. Ripping off charity makes you a terrible person. So imagine how depraved you have to be to do BOTH at the same time.

MIX 94.1–09/20/2016

first day of school

Six Life Skills They Should Teach in School

Most states make kids learn CPR in high school now. But there are other practical skills they should probably be learning.



The Majority of Pets Will Be Forced to Wear Costumes This Halloween

Your pets don’t like it when you dress them up. But dammit, you’re just going to plow through and do it anyway, right?

MIX 94.1–09/16/2016

Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the 2

The Four Most Underappreciated Jobs

Do you feel undervalued and underappreciated? I’m just playing the odds here, you’re thinking, “Oh my God, YES.”

MIX 94.1–09/15/2016

Transformers DL

This Year’s Finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame Include Nerf, Transformers, and……. Bubble Wrap

The National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York just announced the finalists for this year’s class. And as usual, it’s a mix of toys that have been popular for decades, and a few random things kids just like playing with.

MIX 94.1–09/14/2016

Drake nerding out at the 2014 ESPYs, because YOLO (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Oxford English Dictionary Is Adding ‘Merica, Moobs, and YOLO

Anyone else feel dumber?

MIX 94.1–09/13/2016

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for John Lewis

A Man Scares Off an Armed Robber By Throwing a 50-Inch TV at Him

If someone breaks into your house and points a gun at you and your family, I guess your instincts would be to grab whatever weapon you can, even something that’s totally NOT a weapon.

MIX 94.1–09/12/2016

sick kid

Scientists Prove “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever” Is True

Next time you get sick, maybe you should ignore what some quack Obamacare doctor tells you and just listen to your grandma.

MIX 94.1–09/09/2016


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