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From fashion to sports to favorite font (new favorite: Century Gothic), Mercedes loves talking about it all. Married with two girls, Mercedes takes it all on, working, raising a family and going to school at UNLV. Who says you can’t do it all? A Yankee/Nuggets/Broncos fan, she loves her sports, along with music (everything from Edith Piaf to Ice Cube) to shopping (everything from Target to Saks).

Born and raised in Colorado, Las Vegas has been her home since 1997 and she loves the sense of community, the entertainment and, of course, Wayne Newton!


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Scientists Created a Video Game That Helps You Lose Weight and Requires Zero Exercise

Right, next you’ll tell me that there is also a zero calorie cake.

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Dumbest Pick Up Lines

Science Just Proved Men Will Do Anything a Good-Looking Woman Wants

Is this really a surprise to anyone?

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The World’s Ugliest Dog Is a Hunchbacked Mutt Named Quasi Modo

The annual World’s Ugliest Dog pageant went down in Petaluma, California on Friday. And the winner is certainly deserving, although she’s definitely attractive in her own unique way.

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Jack Black (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jack Black On Mercedes In The Morning

Today, the star of the movies: School Of Rock, Tropic Thunder, and the Kung Fu Panda Series, Jack Black called into the show to let us know all about his HBO television series The Brink. […]

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The Seven Animals Most Likely to Kill You This Summer

Don’t worry, your cuddly kitty is not on the list.

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Macy's Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

What’s Trending 06/18/15

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JC Mustang Friendly Ford

The Most and Least “American” Cars

JC is hoping his Mustang s ranked so we’ll stop making fun of him so much.

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(Mert & Marcus for Interscope Records)

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The Ten Best and Worst Cities in America For Families

The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. The next time you uproot and go somewhere, how about picking a place that’s not trying to destroy your children?

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The 10 Companies and Chain Restaurants We Trust the Most

Everyone loves Amazon! Unless you’re a business that’s dying because they offer cheaper prices and free shipping on everything you sell, and now you have to live in a cardboard box. Thanks a lot, Amazon.

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