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From fashion to sports to favorite font (new favorite: Century Gothic), Mercedes loves talking about it all. Married with two girls, Mercedes takes it all on, working, raising a family and going to school at UNLV. Who says you can’t do it all? A Yankee/Nuggets/Broncos fan, she loves her sports, along with music (everything from Edith Piaf to Ice Cube) to shopping (everything from Target to Saks).

Born and raised in Colorado, Las Vegas has been her home since 1997 and she loves the sense of community, the entertainment and, of course, Wayne Newton!


Mardi Gras

Radio Truth Or Dare: The King Cake Challenge

Today one of us got sticky and screechy!

MIX 94.1–6 hours ago

Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the 2

The Best Way to Get a Raise This Year Is to Get a New Job

Your parents stayed at the same jobs their entire lives, because they knew that hard work and loyalty eventually lead to promotions and raises. But now it’s 2016. Nope.

MIX 94.1–8 hours ago

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

What’s Trending 02/11/16

#Beyonce, #PerfectWomen, #GwenStefani, #BurgerKing, #StepSiblings

MIX 94.1–10 hours ago

Photo: Thinkstock

Scientists Try to Cure Glaucoma, and Accidentally Discover the Recipe For the Perfect Pancake

Some of the best inventions in history were accidents. Penicillin, the microwave, Velcro and Teflon were all created by mistake. I’m not sure THIS accidental discovery is going to join the list.

MIX 94.1–02/10/2016

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What’s Trending 02/10/16

#NewHampshirePrimary, #Lent, #CamNewton, #RedLobster, #FullerHouse

MIX 94.1–02/10/2016

Dad Surprises son

A Guy Flew Back from Afghanistan to Go to His Son’s Middle School Play

Here’s something to shame you the next time you think about skipping your kid’s recital because you’re too busy.

MIX 94.1–02/09/2016

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

What’s Trending 02/09/16

#Adele, #Chipotle, #WeddingNight, #RussellWilson, #NORAD

MIX 94.1–02/09/2016


The Commercials of Super Bowl 50

The best way to ‘win’ the Super Bowl if you’re a commercial is to be memorably funny, or go for the heart strings, eight of the ten most popular Super Bowl ads last year were sentimental.

MIX 94.1–02/08/2016

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

What’s Trending 02/08/16

#SuperBowl, #LadyGaga, #Beyonce, #LOL, #2000sBabies

MIX 94.1–02/08/2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.54.18 AM

You’re Less Than Four Degrees of Separation from Everyone on Facebook

acebook had its 12th birthday yesterday, and they celebrated by challenging the idea that we’re all six degrees of separation from each other. Now that we’re all online, apparently it’s more like three-and-a-half.

MIX 94.1–02/05/2016


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