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Nike Introduces Nike Fuel

What’s Trending 03/19/15

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A New Haunted House Makes You Face Your Greatest Fear of All

There’s a haunted house in Pennsylvania that’s figured out the one thing that scares us more than all the spiders, zombies, skeletons, and chainsaw-wielding maniacs in the world.


Mark And Mercedes 15th Anniversary  (43)

The Honest Homeless Man

A homeless Boston man who turned in a backpack he found with over $42,000 in it, is being rewarded with over $70,000 in donations.


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Would You Lie In Bed for Two Months For $10,000? NASA Is Looking For Volunteers

Remember when NASA was the ultimate symbol of action and adventure? Yeah . . . now they’re paying people to spend two months just lying in bed.


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Your Purse Is Swimming With Horrifying Bacteria

We’ve seen several studies about how your purse is just a CESSPOOL of HORRIBLE BACTERIA like E. coli and coliforms. And a new study confirmed it . . . and posed a new theory WHY.


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Walmart To Make Smartphone Trade-In Announcement

Retail giant Walmart is scheduled to release details today on the largest brick-and-mortar smartphone trade-in program in the U.S.


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What Weird Quirk Did It Take You A Long Time to Realize You Had?

The better you get to know someone, the more you find out about their weird QUIRKS. And then you decide if you can handle those quirks . . . or if you never want to see the person again. But we ALL have quirks. All of us.


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Top 5 Dreams

Being caught naked is the most common dream.


Martin Short In Studio With Mark and Mercedes

Eight Unethical Tricks That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

There’s a difference between doing something illegal, and something unethical. Everything here tiptoes that line . . . but stays on the “mostly legal, just unethical” side.


Nap Time

Seven Saddest Signs You’re Becoming A Grown-Up

Everyone’s had that moment after something happens and you think, “Man, I’m old.” That moment probably happened when you were, like, 29. And now, you can’t believe you thought you were old back THEN.