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Former “Idol” Star David Archuleta Has Been On A Mission… Literally

The teenage heart-throb has grown up and re-dedicated his life…

MIX 94.1–04/14/2014

Photo Credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images

Cricket Wireless Has The Best Deals In Wireless!

So if you’ve been listening to Mix 94.1 long enough, you know how much I love Cricket Wireless (and how much I love their making the competition cry). See, they don’t charge you an arm [...]

MIX 94.1–04/11/2014


Shawn At Disney: Disneyland And Downtown Disney Are Rockin’!

Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney are really poppin’!

MIX 94.1–03/25/2014


Shawn At Disney: The Happiest Airline On Earth

Southwest Airlines and Disney go together like Mickey & Minnie.

MIX 94.1–03/25/2014


Shawn At Disney: More Attractions Than Ever!

There is so much to see and do during your stay at Disneyland Resort!

MIX 94.1–03/25/2014


Shawn At Disney: Celebrating 50 Years Of “It’s A Small World”!

We interview the man whose songs have been stuck in your head more than a few times… Richard Sherman, Disney Composer!

MIX 94.1–03/25/2014


Shawn At Disney: Entertainment Everywhere You Turn

Performances and entertainment everywhere you look at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

MIX 94.1–03/24/2014


Shawn At Disney: Disney California Adventure Is Bigger Than Ever!

Disney California Adventure is a bigger adventure than ever!

MIX 94.1–03/24/2014


Shawn At Disney: You’ll Need More Than Just A Day!

It used to be, if you planned really, really carefully and caught Disney on a rare off-day, you might be able to tackle Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in a day. Now? You’ll need way more than that!

MIX 94.1–03/24/2014

(Credit: Getty Images)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Time To Ruin It For You!

It’s time we break the news to you… the facts behind St. Patrick’s Day is pretty crazy.

MIX 94.1–03/17/2014