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How Much It Will Cost You To Raise A Child

Thinking about having kids? Here’s how much it will cost you!

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WWE Usos And Naomi In-Studio – Sexy Dad Diva

The Usos and Naomi were in-studio this morning to judge our SEXY DAD DIVA’S contest. We asked our listeners to dress up like their favorite Diva’s… the best diva won tickets to WWE Raw!


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The Ten Tattoos People Regret The Most

A doctor in the UK who does tattoo removals made a list of the top ten tattoos people ask him to laser off.


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Sexy Dad Divas

Here is your chance to win a pair of tickets to WWE RAW 8/18 and a WWE Meet and Greet prior to the show.


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Eight Sentences That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

We’re going to blow your mind . . . hopefully figuratively. Here are eight crazy sentences that will make your brain hurt . . .


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Eight Things You Learned From Movies That Are Actually Lies

News Flash: Not everything they tell you in the movies is true. Here’s a list of Eight Things You Learned from Movies That Are Actually Lies.


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Mountain Ridge All Star Team Makes It To The Little League World Series

The Mountain Ridge All Star team made it to the Little League World Series and they need your help! Click here for details!


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Are You A Toxic Friend?

From eHarmony.com here are 15 signs that you might be a toxic friend.


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The 16 Most Depressing Disney Moments Of All Time

Some Disney movies have SERIOUSLY depressing moments. Of course, it’s those lows that make the highs so much more enjoyable. Here’s a list of the 16 Most Depressing Disney Moments of All Time:


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Get A ‘Bacial” So You Can Take Part In The ‘Belfies’ Trend

Facials for your butt are all the rage now.




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