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Top 10 M&M Interviews Of 2010 (#5)

Girls completely freak when they see him and he’s part of one of the groups that cause absolute chaos. M&M got to talk to Nick Jonas this year and he made the list of the […]


Sibling Bullies – M&M Best Of.

What fights did you used to get in with your siblings while you were growing up? Mark and Mercedes reminisce here.


Facebook Poses – M&M Best Of.

There are certain things you will for sure see on facebook. The duck face pose is one of them. Mark and Mercedes talked about the other things you find in this cloassic segment from 2010.


Too Old To Drive – M&M Best Of.

At what age should the car keys be confiscated?  Mark and Mercedes know when and listen to find out.


M&M’s Top 10 Interviews Of 2010!

Check out the Top Interviews all this week and next and keep checking back here for all the audio!


Top 10 M&M Interviews Of 2010 (#6)

He was all over the place this year and is seriously a hilarious dude. So listen here to hear all about what Jonah Hill was up to this year when he talked to Mark and […]


Top 10 M&M Interviews Of 2010 (#7)

Kourtney Kardashian called in when she was preggers and talked to Mark and Mercedes about being pregnant and her new show with her sister, Khloe. Listen to hear why she made our list of top […]


Gifts for Ex – M&M Best Of

What kid of gifts should you buy for your ex if you have kids with them? M&M give you the etiquette here.


Holiday Gifts – M&M Best Of.

When do you and do you not buy gifts for your co-workers? Mercedes, JC and Blair ran into a minor speedbump last year when shopping. Listen to find out what happened.


Christmas Party – M&M Best Of.

Every year, the Christmas Parties are crazy. JC recaps ours from last year in this awesome best of clip.





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