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Mercedes In The Morning Show #362 PodcastCry At Television, Radio Truth Or Dare, Office Pet Peeves
What's Trending 08/25/16#LeslieJones, #Housework, #RyanLochte, #Cheaters
Mercedes In The Morning Show #362 PodcastCar Accident, Dirty Old Men, One Second Difference
A Guy Tries to Impress a Date by Jumping Across Rooftops, and Gets Stuck Between Two BuildingsThere's something weirdly comforting in knowing that teenage guys are still doing the exact same DUMB STUFF to impress girls that they always have.
What's Trending 08/24/16#SongOfTheSummer, #LoveAtFirstSight, #JenniferLawrence, #KidsAndWeight
Mercedes In The Morning Show #361 PodcastTake A Baby On Vacation, Millennial Minute, Break Into Phone
The Top Excuses Men Use When They're CheatingDo you resent your husband for going out for like five or six hours every single weekend to play golf? Get ready to resent him WAY more.
Are You Ready to Spend $245 Sending Your Kid Back to School?Back in my day, there was no back to school shopping. Mom just put me in hand-me-downs and said I could get a Trapper Keeper when I got a darn job.
What's Trending 08/23/16#ArnoldSchwarzenegger, #Instagram, #KFC, #Breadwinners
Mercedes In The Morning Show #360 PodcastHigh/Low, Kids In Public Bathroom, Talk To A Mistress
Five Things to Do with Your Hands During a Job InterviewUnfortunately using them to pretend that your potential boss' desk is a set of bongos was not on the list.
The Eight Most Comforting Sounds Include Birds, the Shower, and the RadioA study just proved that my voice is the second-most comforting sound in the world. So you're welcome.

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