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Mercedes In The Morning Show #383 PodcastFreebies, Google Family Feud, Caught The Bug
11 Chores and How Much Kids Should Get Paid for ThemA new survey found 68% of us think kids should get an allowance for doing chores. 40% said it should start between 8 and 10 years old, and about 30% said it should start as early as 5. Here are 11 chores, and how much the average person thinks they're worth .
We're Going to Spend $8.4 Billion on Halloween This Year, an All-Time HighWe're going to spend $8.4 BILLION on Halloween this year, which is the all-time high. That's an average of $83 per person.
What's Trending 09/23/16#BetweenTwoFerns, #TardyForTheParty, #MagnumPI, #AdamLevine
Mercedes In The Morning Show #382 PodcastRadio Truth Or Dare: The Helium Karaoke Challenge, Catchy Song Quiz, Just A Show
McDonald's in Japan Has Pumpkin Chocolate French FriesBased on this country's obsession with pumpkin spice, fried things, and food mash-ups, you could make a damn fortune ripping off this idea
"Pokémon Go" Will Be Bigger Than Anything Else This HalloweenHow does one dress up as an app?
What's Trending 09/22/16#BradPitt, #Netflix, #InNOutBurger, #FreeShipping
Mercedes In The Morning Show #381 Podcast
Four Weight Loss MythsCan one of them be that exercise is actually a waste of time?
During Your Career You'll Drink 22,000 Cups of Coffee, Disagree With Your Boss 800 Times, and MoreThere's something about this study that makes me super depressed about all of us wasting our lives in a sea of coffee, meetings, and emails.
What's Trending 09/21/16#Brangelina, #Personality, #TheWeeknd, #Savings

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