Singing Along to the Radio Can Cure Your SnoringCheck out six tricks to help you if you have a snoring problem
America's Got Talent Auditions are coming to Las Vegas!
Happy #MCM: Watch Channing Tatum Sing "Just a Friend"Channing Tatum was at Comic- Con in San Diego to promote his new movie, "The Book of Life." Audience members got more than they expected!
Watch Ed Sheeran Perform Country Versions of Hip-Hop SongsLast night on MTV, Sheeran showed he wasn't afraid to try his hand at some of the more well known hip-hop tracks from DJ Khaled, R. Kelly and Jay Z.
Coldplay's Chris Martin On Adam Yauch Tribute: "The Only Thing To Do Is To Sing"On Friday, news broke of the Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch's passing after a difficult battle with cancer.
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