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People Are Obsessed With a Secret Drink at Starbucks Called "Pink Drink"Starbucks recently added a drink called the Strawberry Acai Refresher to their menu. It's basically strawberry juice, and it didn't make a particularly big impact, until now.
What's Trending 04/29/16#Raiders, #SocialMedia, #NFLDraft, #Kesha, #Starbucks
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A Woman Found a Lizard in Her Starbucks LatteA lot of you out there right now are listening to this while you drink your coffee from Starbucks. So let me apologize in advance for ruining it.
Starbucks Is Raising Its Prices TodayIf you were just thinking, "You know what? Starbucks really isn't expensive enough", well, apparently they totally agree with you.
Starbucks Just Rolled Out Six New Frappuccino FlavorsIt's going to go straight to my hips, but it might be worth it!

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